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Red Laguna Pebbles

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Red Laguna Pebbles Size:

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£167/Bulk Bag

Product Specification
Product: Red Laguna Pebbles
Size: 20-40mm
Packaging: Bulk Bags/ Pre Packed Poly Bags
Uses: General
Landscaping, Hard Landscaping, Rockeries & Water features
Dark Red/ Burgundy
Shape: Rounded

Description and Application
These delightful red laguna pebbles will instantly create a bold statement in almost any current garden design. The red laguna pebbles are oozing with elegance and class ideal for creating a stylish feel to your landscape. These versatile pebbles have become extremely popular due to their stunning colour and smooth rounded shape. Ideal for a wide range of uses including general landscaping, garden rockeries, beds and borders and water features. These smaller sized red laguna pebbles are also ideal for mulching around plants in pots and containers effectively supressing weeds and retaining moisture in the soil. The colour of these cobbles is truly stunning and will complement your current landscape beautifully. The pebbles are very hard wearing lasting you for many years whilst remaining looking wonderful in your landscape.

Red Laguna Pebbles Colour and Shape
These stunning red laguna pebbles are a naturally quarried product which may result in slight variations in formation, size, colour or shape. These pebbles look beautiful both wet and dry making them suitable for a wide range of uses. When dry the colour may look subdued however when wet their vibrant colour really comes alive. The red laguna pebbles offer an attractive white branding around each individual pebble. The pebbles smooth rounded shape will blend effortlessly into your garden design.

Other Sizes and Uses
We also supply red laguna cobbles. These cobbles are a slightly larger size making them ideal for use in garden rockeries and water features. Perfect for creating a wonderful focal point within your landscape.

Availability on Red Laguna Pebbles
We can usually accommodate a next day delivery service if the product is ordered before 11am. The delivery is subject to weather conditions and stock levels. All of our red laguna cobbles are supplied in Bulk Bags and Pre Packed Poly Bags. We also offer a sample size bag allowing you to get a feel for the product and its quality before making a purchase.

Loose Load Deliveries
For a competitive bulk delivery price (Loose load delivery) for a large area or commercial use please contact our sales team on 0800 907 85 90.

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