Don't forget Multi-Purpose Compost

Here at Gravelmaster we manufactureMulti-Purpose compost entirely from Peat Free composted green waste and coir fibre. Our Multi-Purpose compost is mixed with essential plant nutrients including trace elements ensuring vigorous and healthy growth of all plants at all stages and in a wide variety of situations.

Our peat free multi-purpose compost also contains a unique wetting agent designed to help easy and even wetting up when watering. Tests have indicated upto 30% less water is needed due to this agent and the make-up of the compost.

This peat free multi-purpose compost is not recomended for use on ericaceous plants.

Multi-purpose compost is available for delviery nationwide in bulk bags or 12 x 60 litre bags, 24 x 60 litre bags or 48 x 60 litre bags.