Do not get the gardening blues this January

Traditionally the weather during the winter months is generally wet, cold and dull however we have been extremely lucky this year as we have had some lovely sunny days. For many gardeners January is a time to relax before the Spring planting season however there are still a number of gardening tasks and activities to carry out. January is the perfect time to nurture your soil for Spring and prepare if you’re planning a redesign for your garden. 

During Winter months your garden is a blank canvas awaiting a redesign:

Use January as your time to plan your gardening activities for the year. In this article we look to provide you with some helpful tips on gardening activities throughout January. Winter is the best time if you are considering a redesign for your garden and landscaping. You are able to start the initial planning and designing of your new garden as well as beginning the initial installation and preparing the garden so that when Spring arrives the redesign can go straight ahead. You may also find that if you hang around until the Spring time many landscape gardeners and contractors are fully booked therefore planning ahead of time and organising your gardening tasks could really pay off.

Now your garden is free of Autumn leaves and plants and borders are in a state of dormancy as well as many plants being covered or moved indoors for protection you are left with a real blank canvas. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to see the full potential of your garden. If you have the resource a landscape designer could provide you with a more  creative garden design, sometimes at a very reasonable cost. The absence of any plants in the garden and the peacefulness of Winter will make it much easier to establish if you would like a vegetable patch or perhaps a new water feature in your garden.

Winter months are also a perfect time to plan your outdoor living so you can enjoy hours in your wonderful garden during Summer months. As Winter confides people indoors it makes it much easier to evaluate what purpose you would like your outdoor living area to serve. Whether it be a new patio area for outdoor dining and entertaining or perhaps a garden pond for relaxing beside. Perhaps you need a new garden path to make it easier to access certain areas of your garden like a vegetable patch, either way you can really see the potential during Winter months. Another advantage to planning your outdoor landscaping is that you can take advantage of the fantastic January sales therefore you can stock up on cobbles/pebbles for you garden path or new garden furniture for your patio.

Prepare your soil in readiness for Spring planting:

Winter garden planning also involves the preparation of soil and the construction of garden beds and borders. If you want successful garden beds and borders adding a high quality soil now will raise the nutrient level in the soil, this will contribute to healthier more successful plants in the future.  At Gravelmaster we supply a wide range of topsoil our Problend beds and borders soil is full of nutrients for healthy growing plants and contains a controlled release fertiliser designed to promote early development of plants. It is also a good idea during the winter to dig over parts of your vegetable or patch that have no vegetables planted to help maintain the nutrients in the soil.

Other general jobs to do in January:

Don’t forget that you still have plants which may have been moved indoors or have been wrapped up during the winter. You need to ensure you are continuously monitoring the plants for water and food as well as removing any that may have become diseased. Another general job which can be very tedious is removing any weeds from your garden beds, borders and lawn, unfortunately many weeds survive the Winter however if you can eliminate them now it really will save you time in Spring when it comes to planting season.

We hope these tips have been helpful and have given you some inspiration to go ahead and redesign your garden if you fancy a change. For more helpful tips and advice follow us on Twitter @Gravel_Master where we regularly share gardening tips and tricks. You can also like us on Facebook for exclusive discount codes and offers.