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Play Area

Ideal for: Schools, Nurseries and Home Play Areas

We understand the importance of ensuring child safety in the garden and in play areas. Our Play Sand, Play Area Rubber Chippings and Play Bark have been certified to BS EN 1177 standard and are safe for use on play area surfaces.

Play Bark

This is a traditional option for safe play in outdoor due to its durability and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. Sourced from sustainable or renewable sources, our Play bark is less than 5% White Wood and has minimal dust and fine fibers to reduce the risk of cuts and splinters. Our rich brown Play bark has been tested and certified to BS EN1177 standard and is high quality European Maritime pine nuggets between 30mm and 60mm in size. Laboratory tests gave a max fall height of 5m at 300mm depth, 4.1m at 200mm depth and 1.6m at 100mm depth.

Testing certificates are available upon request.


Suitable for use under all children's play area equipment to reduce the impact of falls in both professional and domestic applications and contains no dyes or chemicals to ensure it is stain free and safe for children and pets. The high quality and attractive brown colour make it the perfect choice when looking for safety and aesthetics. Our Play Bark can also be used for large garden beds, borders and community parks. Allow 10% for settlement after 30 days.

Care and Upkeep

Play Bark will need topping up over time. However as this is a natural product, the existing material towards the very bottom will decompose over time and become compressed and firm, especially in dry conditions. New material laid on top will therefore wear extremely quickly so it is vital that new layers of bark are laid at a credible depth to perform correctly. If the older material has become very hard and compact, the safest option is to replace it completely. Rake over occasionally to remove any debris.

Play Sand

This has long been a favourite with schools and nurseries as well as with parents for both indoor and outdoor play pits. Our Play Sand has been tested and certified to BS EN 1177 standard and has been through several cycles of pressure-washing to remove any residue, dangerous materials and to wash away any Iron Oxide. This ensures that the sand is as soft as possible, doesn’t stain clothes, hands or feet, is non-toxic and is always a sub rounded grain, making it easily treatable if a sand particle gets into an eye.

Testing certificates are available upon request.


This naturally formed product has been specifically designed for play pit areas in schools, nurseries and homes and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play areas and play pits.

Care and Upkeep

To prolong the cleanliness of and prevent bacteria build up in play sand keep sand boxes, play pit, tubs etc. tightly covered when not in use and shift the sand once a week to move the sand from the bottom to the top. Ensure that little hands are washed before and after use. Place a colander over a clean bucket and scoop handfuls of sand into the colander to filter out any debris. Repeat until all the sand has been filtered and poured back into the play area. Rake through the sand after each use to remove any new debris.

Play Area Rubber Chippings

Play Area Rubber Chippings are a fantastic fun way of adding colour and style to a play area without compromising on safety. Our rubber chippings are economically sourced by recycling used vehicle tyres which are then polyurethane sealed and coloured with non-toxic and non-staining dye. Available in bold bright colours such as blue and green or a more subtle, natural colour such as brown, black or grey. This creates a high quality coloured rubber chip that is safe, clean and hard wearing and will withstand weathering to last for many years. Tested and certified to BS EN 1177 standard.

Testing certificates are available upon request.


for both indoor and outdoor play areas and pits for schools, nurseries, commercial and domestic use. The rubber chippings are quick drying and permeable, so no risk of puddling. The rubber chippings can also be used as a multi-use material for border mulch etc. once the children have outgrown playing.

Care and Upkeep

Our Play Area Rubber Chippings require very little care and upkeep as they are easily washable with a quick hose down or heavy rain to remove any dirt and do not attract algae or mould. Rake over occasionally to remove any debris such as leaves.

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