Lawn Dressing, bringing out the best in your garden

This product is not only used by professional greenkeepers and groundsman but also by keen, quality driven gardeners looking to develop, enrich and maintain the finest gardens, lawns and grounds. 

Our Lawn Dressing is specially formulated for use on all types of lawn whether grown from seed or from turf and will help protect your lawn from moss and weed growth as it contains essential grass nutrients and improves root growth. 

Lawn treatments will green-up the lawn and increase sward density.The grass nutrients make it ideal as a top dressing or for lawn repairs and turf laying and will also even up any hallows and help repair these areas. 

Lawn dressing is typically 80% Double washed premium sand and 20% compost/silt/clay graded to 3mm and is peat free. 

Lawn treatments are ideal for golf courses, sports grounds and gardens and are easy to work and barrow and has minimal stone content.

Lawn Dressing is available for quick nationwide delivery in bulk bags or 20x20 litre bags or 40x20 litre bags.