2017 Landscaping Trends

February 2, 2017
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The Trends of 2017

Whether you have acres of green grass and trees, a small garden or courtyard, you want it to reflect your lifestyle and enhance the beauty of your home. We take a look at the top landscaping trends for 2017.

Sustainable Landscape Design

sustainable landscape 2017 trends blog


Eco-friendly environments are a concern for homeowners, the rise in energy costs, global warming and water conservation all play a part and low-maintenance gardens are more popular than ever in 2017. As much as we all want our landscapes to be visibly pleasing, outside space that is designed to reduce water needs, reserve sources and have as little impact on air, water and soil pollution as possible will be very popular this year.

Focusing on the right plants for your existing landscape conditions, environmental and climate conditions is key to creating a beautiful and both practical and functional sustainable landscape. When designing a sustainable landscape consider the following:

  • Create a beautiful space
  • Use plants and shrubs, if possible that are native to your area, or as close to the conditions of your local area.
  • Create an easily maintained space
  • Create an eco-friendly environment
  • Consider water conservation and cost-efficiency

By selecting native plants you will reduce irrigation needs and prevent problems with certain insects and pests. There are a variety of plants available which are drought-tolerant and low-maintenance which also help, as well as native plants, to provide a sustainable landscape for local wildlife.


Edible Gardens

A huge design trend for 2017 will be taking everything back to basics, living the simple life, and creating a landscape both visually stimulating and a great source for enjoying natural, healthy food. Swap the water, mowing and weeding of high maintenance turf lawns for plentiful harvests of herbs, fruit and vegetables. Not only will you have a plethora of delicious ingredients, but consider how much money you will save. Bargain!

edible garden 2017 trends blog

Creating an edible garden is much easier than you think, but it is important to consider the following:

  • Consider your choice in plants
  • Soil conditions; choose rich, fertilised areas rather than dry clay sandy soil
  • The location; choose an area protected from the wind and harsh weather conditions, will there be good sunlight for the majority of the day?
  • Is there sufficient water and drainage?
  • Consider whether a formal or informal edible garden design will enhance the look of your property and what kind of outdoor space suits you
  • The layout of the space; if you are planning to grow fruit such as oranges and apples consider the amount of space these types of shrubs and trees will take up

Different things will grow in different conditions and some will be easier or harder than other; tomatoes, peppers and beans are easy to grow and herbs like basil and chives will grow in almost any soil and sun conditions and flowers such as violets and pansies make wonderful spices to add into sauces.

toms and apples 2017 trends blog


Green Materials

Using eco-friendly materials is a growing trend, along with the growing interest in the environment, so it’s no surprise that materials for pathways, walls, fencing and decking are going green too.

green materials 2017 trends blog

Natural materials, rather than man made, such as natural stone, recycled slate (see our range of UK recycled slate here), sun-dried tiles, flagstones (see our full range here), gravel and pea gravel promote the green living principles and the use of natural stones for retaining walls and outdoor fireplaces blend into the surrounding landscape and have an elegant, earthly finish.



Natural Heather Classicstone Paving

If you are wanting add a little light into your garden, consider using solar fixtures to reduce your energy costs. These are available in uplights, downlights and motion detectors which are fantastic for home safety.

outdoor lighting 2017 trends blog


Outdoor Living

Outdoor living has grown massively over the last few years and will continue to do so throughout 2017. Not only will a stylish outdoor space add to the value of your home, but if planned correctly, you can enjoy a year round wonderful area for entertaining. Terraces, gazebos, outdoor fireplaces, luxury outdoor kitchen, spas and hot tubs are a fantastic way of making use of our gardens throughout the year.

fire pit 2017 trends blog

To extend your living space outside, consider hanging outdoor curtains, canopies and trellis’ for protection from wind, rain and sun. Add a touch of elegance and luxury by including some stylish, hardwearing and comfortable furniture and fabrics.

outdoor living furniture trends 2017 blog


Water Features

Nothing sounds more soothing or relaxing than the sound of running water. Water features are a key trend for 2017 for creating your own outdoor oasis. These can come in all shapes, sizes and forms so choose the right one for your space.

  • Natural rock waterfalls look fantastic surrounded by plants, flowers and trees, they can be one level or tiered and are a stunning focal feature with a touch of landscape lighting
  • Outdoor ponds have long been a favourite. Modernise with some stunning under water lighting and bright koi fish; add a quiet seating area and a trickling waterfall and you have yourself your own piece of tranquillity.
  • If your outdoor space isn’t so big, fountains are the ideal solution.


water feature 2017 trends blog

Simplicity and Structure

Simple and stylish landscapes are going to be popular with homeowners in 2017. Think less is more and back to basics.  Consider landscaping with lush greenery, trees, shrubs and plants and varying the size, shape, textures and colours.

  • Consider your choice in plants. Will they fit in your garden? If you are planning on planting seedling, consider the size they be when fully grown. Plants that are the wrong size for your garden will create maintenance problems down the line and ruin the structured look of your landscape
  • Mix up your plants; broad leaves next to slender ones, glossy leaves next to dull leaves, spikey next to smooth.
  • Create scale by layering shrubbery. By planting tall trees at the back of your garden along the property line with air-stepped shorter shrubs and plants in front will emphasise the height and depth of your landscape.

Simplicity and structure should soften hard edges, define outdoor spaces or individual areas within an outdoor living space and can be an effective way of minimising outdoor noise such as traffic and neighbours.

structure 2017 trends blog


Should you need any help or advice, contact us on 0800 907 85 90 8am-9pm. We love receiving customer photographs, if you have incorporated any of 2017 trends, send us a photo to sales@gravelmaster.co.uk and we will feature it on our social media pages.


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