A Guide To Greenhouse Gardening

October 5, 2019
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Planning your greenhouse

If you are considering purchasing your first ever greenhouse the first thing you should consider is whether your local planning authority imposes any restrictions. Usually you are not required to apply for planning permission for a greenhouse however there may be specific building regulations that you have to adhere to. We would recommend you buy the biggest greenhouse that will comfortably fit into your garden or allotment you will definitely fill it once you get into the swing of things.

When it comes to selecting your greenhouse there are a variety of materials available. Aluminium frames are relatively cheap and are very popular due to their sturdy frame. Wooden greenhouses are also great and are very hard wearing ideal for smaller sized plots. Western red cedar is also an exceptionally hard wearing high quality materials that weathers well.


steel greenhousewooden greenhouse


western red cedar greenhouse


Extending the season

A greenhouse has many benefits first of which is that it extends the gardening year for many people. During the Winter months when the temperatures are freezing and the wind is strong gardeners can still enjoy the benefits of a greenhouse as it provides protection for plants. It allows you to potter around in your garden throughout all seasons allowing you to grow plants you wouldn’t usually be able to grow. The greenhouse gives you the flexibility to grow many plants consistently throughout the year additionally you will no longer have to depend on the weather.

winter greenhouse

Great environment for growing plants

A greenhouse is the perfect place for growing plants as you have full control over the temperature of the environment. In Winter months you are able to heat the greenhouse providing warmth for plants. Electrical heating is extremely economical and a great option if you are looking to install heating on a long term basis. You may wish to set a thermostat so that you can control when the heating goes on and off.

In Summer months you are able to ventilate the greenhouse by opening vents/windows in order to prevent your plants from overheating. You can also fit external binds to the greenhouse this will prevent plants form suffering from sun scorch.

greenhouse window


Protecting Plants

An enclosed greenhouse allows gardeners to protect plants form unwanted pests such as moles, squirrels, rabbits and other pests. Although some smaller pests may still be able to enter the greenhouse through gaps and vents this problem is much less severe than gardening outside of the greenhouse. Make sure your greenhouse has a solid floor and is built on flat foundations this will reduce the risk of burrowing pests.


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 Greenhouse gardening tips

We’ve put together some great tips to help you ensure you get the most from your greenhouse

  • Install your greenhouse on a flat foundation
  • Make sure your greenhouse is positioned in a place that receives sunlight and is not shaded by your house or other objects
  • Ensure you ventilate well especially during Summer months
  • Household electrical heaters are not suitable for heating your greenhouse as they are unlikely to cope with the damp conditions
  • Don’t store expensive tools or gardening equipment in your greenhouse overnight unless your greenhouse is fully secure
  • Any electrical heating installation should be carried out by professionals so it adheres to building regulations

We hope this guide has provided you with a greater insight into greenhouse gardening and has highlighted some of the benefits of adding a greenhouse to your landscape. If you’re looking for some garden inspiration check out our pinboard. We love receiving customer photos, so if you have recently updated your garden with the help of Gravel Master, then send your images to sales@gravelmaster.co.uk.

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