Autumn Flowers

September 26, 2019
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Autumn is often overlooked and underestimated as a season of beauty, but there are so many flowers you can add to your garden or bring indoors to brighten up the dull days. We have selected just a few of our favourite Autumn flowering bulbs!


Autumn Flowers blog Begonia

Begonias come in a variety of vibrant, beautiful colours and are produced over an incredibly long period, first blooming in Summer all the way through to November and are perfect for window boxes, hanging baskets and planters. Choose a fragrant variety such as Begonia ‘Fragrant Falls’ to enjoy a wonderful scent. Begonias need to be lifted before the first frosts hit.


Autumn Flowers blog Sternbergia

These bright and beautiful flowers come in a variety of different types and shades of yellow, and are an excellent choice for a pop of colour at the end of the year. The hardy bulbs can withstand fairly poor soils and once in bloom, make a huge impact sprinkled through rockeries. Also known as as the Autumn daffodil, Sternbergia will begin flowering in Autumn and last through until the Winter.


Autumn Flowers blog Dahlia

Dahlias come in every size and colour imaginable from subdued pastels to vibrant reds and oranges and a compact 30cm to a huge 1.5m! The ruffled flowers start to bloom in Summer but are best through August, September and October. For best results, plant in free-draining soil with regular feeding but don’t do particular well in strong winds and cold, wet soil so be sure to protect them from sub-zero temperatures through the Winter.

Winter-flowering cherry ‘Autumnalis’

Autumn Flowers blog Autumnalis

The Winter flowering cherry ‘Autumnalis’ is a small and elegant deciduous tree or shrub with ovate leaves and pale white-pink flowers which open from late Autumn to early Spring. The flowers are followed by small edible fruit that are popular with the birds and the dark-green foliage turns attractive shades of yellow, orange and red in the autumn. ‘Autumnalis’ is an excellent choice for confined spaces and urban environments as it tends to only grow to approximately 4m and is pollution tolerant.

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