Happy to help Alan and the team create Nathan’s dream garden!

November 22, 2019
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Nathan Cumberland formerly Lance-Sergeant of the Grenadier Guards was leading a foot patrol in 2009, when he was caught in the blast of an Improvised Explosive Device while leading a foot patrol in Helmand Province. He lost his left leg below the knee and right leg above the knee. Despite his injuries, Nathan refused help from his men and continued to direct them from where he lay throughout the Taliban ambush that followed the blast. He even had to  tourniquet his own legs until the fire fight was over and the medics had arrived. Nathan now works for the Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS) for The Aged Veteran Welfare Support Project which focuses on supporting the over-65s who are in hospital – and their families.

Alan, David, Katie and Frances all from the Love Your Garden team set about putting together plans to make an inspirational garden for Nathan and his family. Something that they could all enjoy together and create a stunning family environment.

The welfare officer said: “I was at work at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham and the door opened, and an arm and a head popped through and there was Alan Titchmarsh.”

“‘I have come to do your garden’ he said.” “After that it has all been a bit of a whirlwind.”

The Love Your Garden team created a woodland themed outdoor space complete with a treehouse, outdoor bespoke kitchen and craft summer house, out of an uneven, “appalling” garden as Alan Titchmarsh described it.

Nathan added: “The shock on my face was real when he came in, the whole experience had been really great, I’m really thankful he came and did it.

“The unsung heroes are the suppliers, landscapers and the people that come in and do it behind the scenes.

“We’re out in the garden most days, nights, weekends. I’ve swapped the pub for garden centres.”

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For more information on this incredible transformation or any of the products used, please call our expert Sales Team on 0330 058 5068!

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