Plant your own flowers in Spring

November 22, 2019
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Spring introduces light pastel colours to brighten the outdoors and brighten the mood. Colours include yellow, pink, lilac, peach and many more continuing through to the Summer. Sowing your own flowers is a beautiful way to brighten your home and add some well-needed character to your property and garden area. Sowing seeds is easy for all gardeners, despite their gardening experience and skills. The main thing to remember is to keep soils well drained and to use a well-prepared, nutrient rich soil.

At Gravel Master we supply a wide range of garden soil. For planting and growing, we would recommend using our ProBlend Multi-purpose soil or ProBlend Beds & Borders Soil. These have been initially screened at 10mm to remove oversized lumps; making it easy to work with and to provide a soil perfect for planting in. They are organic rich and are peat free!

Soil preparation
soil preparation

Grab your gardening forks and rakes and dig in! Soil preparation is simple and easy- regarding the weather is dry. The best soil for planting and growing is one that’s rich in organic matter and nutrients. As previously mentioned, our Multi-Purpose and Beds & Borders Soil is perfect for planting! Alternatively, you can improve existing garden soils by adding a multi purpose compost or a Soil Improver. You should dig and turn over your soil to loosen it and improve the drainage potential. When planting different flowers, creating a flower bed is a fantastic way to show off the variety of colours and flower types. flower beds and borders


What to sow in April?

Below is a list of flowers that you can sow in Spring.

Please follow instructions on individual seed packaging because these will include information about how deep and far apart to sow the seeds. Take extra care when using sharp gardening tools.

Sunflower seeds

You can sow sunflower seeds directly into flower beds & borders. The bright yellow coloured petals contrasted with the dark centre looks stunning. Sunflowers are ready to sow in March-May and are ready to flower and harvest from July-September. Sunflowers are the typical signal that Spring and Summer is approaching!

Cosmos seeds

Cosmos are well-known for the white flowers that contain beautiful red and pink centres. You can sow these seeds in April for harvesting in July/August. These would look stunning in flower beds alongside a darker colour to contrast the light and dark colours of Spring and Summer.

Petunia seeds

Petunia’s are ready to plant after the last Spring frost. April-May is the perfect time to sow Petunias. Not only are Petunia’s popular for their beautiful indigo colour, but their scent is a sweet honey smell. They will flower in June-September.

It is important to check weather forecasts when sowing seeds. April-May weather is often dry and pleasant and can bring the occasional rain shower, the mix of sun and rain is perfect for sowing seeds. However, due to unpredictable weather patterns, it is important to ensure that late frost is not predicted. Frost can damage or kill your plants. To avoid this, you can use a fleece-covered frame or surround your flower beds with a layer of mulch.

If you wish to plant fruit and vegetables, you can use Gravel Master’s ProBlend Vegetable & Fruit Soil which is perfect for providing necessary the nutrients for healthy crop growth.

Should you have any further questions or need advice, please call a member of our team today on 0330 058 50 68, or visit our website We love receiving customer photographs, if you have any tips for March or have completed these jobs yourselves, send us a photo to and we will feature it on our social media pages.

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