The perfect Valentines Rose

January 7, 2020
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Roses have become increasingly popular as a gift for loved ones, for decoration and for symbolic meanings but which type of rose should you select this Valentines day?

The perennial shrubs are perfect to include in your florist design, garden or as a gift due to the long, slightly thorny stem and the beautiful, fragrant bloom of petals. Roses are guaranteed to brighten up your gardens and homes, particularly because they are available in a variety of different colours. Notwithstanding the fact that roses are colourful and vibrant, each one carries a distinctive meaning; making them the perfect gift or addition to your garden.

What does each colour symbolise?

Red – Beauty / Love
White – Innocence / Purity
Pink – Appreciation
Yellow – Joy
Orange – Passion / Energy
Green – Positivity
Black – Sorrow
Blue – Mystery

Red Rose

Velvet Fragrance – Hybrid Tea Rose


Velvet fragrance is exactly what you would expect – a dark red Hybrid Tea Rose that has a lovely fragrant smell. It produces double blooms in Summer and Autumn and is suitable to grow in fertile, well-drained soil. Not only does this Rose provide an elegant red colour but also provides a welcoming smell, making it perfect to bring a refreshing atmosphere to your home.

My Valentine – Mormyval


Again, this type of rose flowers in Spring-Autumn time, bearing deep red clusters to give the ‘traditional rose look’. It has many petals and belongs to the miniature rose horticultural group, which means that they are dwarf shrubs with many unscented leaves. This type of Rose should be grown in full sun and the soil should be well-drained and fertile.

National Trust


The National Trust Rose is a repeat-flowering shrub that belongs to the Hybrid Tea Rose Group. It is beautifully shaped, with large scarlet-red flowers, blooming from Summer to late Autumn. The beautiful red clusters are complimented by glossy, green foliage.


Pink Rose

French Rose – Rosa Gallica

R/137/3 Rosa gallica officinalis

Rosa Gallica, often referred to as the French Rose, has blush-pink flowers in the Summer in small clusters. It is a deciduous shrub, often prickly with dark green foliage and is most suitably grown in full sun; perfect for the use in hedges.

The Alnwick Rose


 If you are looking for a Rose with a softer-pink colour to the petals, this is the perfect choice. It flowers in Summer / Autumn, bringing about cupped pink petals with a beautiful raspberry-like fragrance. The Alnwick Rose is a deciduous shrub rose, growing between 1-5 metres in height.

High Hopes


If you are looking for a rose with a pale, subtle-pink colour then this is the perfect rose for you. The High Hopes Rose has pale, peach/pink coloured petals in the Summer and Autumn months. This climbing rose is an ideal rose to add to your bouquet to give a hint of elegance and beauty without giving a statement that is too bold.

Yellow Rose

Rose Tequila Sunrise

tequila sunrise rose

 The bronze-yellow colour is great for Spring / Summer time, especially as it has an orange tinge around the edge of the petals. This is another example of the Hybrid Tea Rose group and it is a deciduous bush rose. The Tequila Sunrise Rose has double, fragrant blooms; flowering between June and November (Summer / Autumn).

Crown Princess Margareta


The Crown Princess Margareta Rose is a repeat-flowering shrub rose with apricot coloured, well-rounded rosettes. This flowers in Summer-Autumn and has a glorious fruity smell to add to your bouquet. The exquisite colour will draw attention to your garden and will brighten-up your mood.

Purple / variety of colours

Hybrid Lenten Rose

hybrid lenten rose

The Lenten Rose, often referred to as the Helleborus x Hybridus, displays a variety of colours ranging from bright white, pink and red, to yellow and green. Loose clusters of flowers arise in late Winter and Spring, giving a look that is different to what is pictured as a ‘traditional rose’. Hybrid Lenten Roses are semi-evergreen perennials that are best grown in neutral-alkaline soils, preferably in areas that aren’t exposed to full, direct sunlight.

Rosa Rhapsody in Blue


Rosa Rhapsody is a shrub rose which has lovely purple-blue flowers in Summer-Autumn months. If you are looking for a rose that will make a bold statement in your garden or bouquet of flowers then this is the ideal rose. If you are wanting to cultivate your own flower, they are best grown in an open site with exposure to full sunlight in well-drained soil.

Should you need any help or advice, contact us on 0330 058 5068 8am – 5pm. We love receiving customer photographs, if you have any of these varieties of roses or other growing in your garden, or maybe you have received one as a valentines gift, send us a photo to and we will feature it on our social media pages.

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