Creating A ‘Wildscape’ Garden

January 30, 2020
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Designing a low maintenance wildflower garden can be a really easy and simple way of incorporating vibrant and versatile blooms into your garden and attracting array of bees and pollinators. We’re taking a look at two simple ways of creating this whimsical aesthetic without actually letting your garden grow out of control. We’re not sure the neighbours would love that!

Let Your Lawn Grow Wild

It may look like your manicured, mowed lawn won’t produce any wildflowers but this isn’t the case! Leave your lawn to it’s own devices to discover all different kinds of tall arable grasses, daisies, clover, dandelions and other versatile blooms will grow, variety will vary from region to region depending on your areas native flowers. You can apply this design to any sized garden and your personal styles, leave all your garden or land to grown wild and mow or strim winding paths throughout or create a feature by leaving a small in a circular or square shape to grow free while maintaining the rest of your garden. For best results, let your lawn grow to 10cm before mowing paths or a sectioning off an area an strim towards the end of summer to encourage natural cultivation.

Wildscape blog wild grass path

Create Wildflower Beds & Borders

If you want specific wildflowers in your garden or are looking for more of an ornamental display with grass in your garden you will need to remove some turf in order to get the desired conditions for wildflowers to grow in. Remove the top layer of turf and ensure that it is and remains weed free as weeds will choke out any wildflowers you are trying to grow. This is recommended for smaller areas, as doing this for a large garden or landscape would be quite a difficult and time consuming job! Remove sections of turf around the edges of your lawn to create borders, these can be as simple or as adventurous as you like and sow a wildflower mix with the grass to create a year round habitat for wildlife rather then an empty bed after the blooming season has finished.

Wildscape blog beds and borders 3 images

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