Love Your Garden – Episode 3 Tues 10th March 2020

March 11, 2020
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We’ve had the pleasure to be part of another Love Your Garden transformation, helping Alan and the team create Kirsty and her 3 year old twins, Phoebe and Sam, a garden which was full of amazing play areas for the twins to enjoy but which also had areas for the family to sit and relax together as well as luxuriously designed areas to give Kirsty privacy and time to herself. Both Kirsty and Phoebe have Stickler Syndrome so it was vital the garden met their special requirements individually and as a family.

The Garden
side by side plans

Alan and the team have designed a creative beachy/jungle theme for Kirstys garden which includes lots of greenery, nautical themed play areas for the children and beach hut style areas to relax. The back of the house now leads out on beautiful but functional low maintenance decked area for Kirsty and her family. The team installed a structure that didn’t close Kirsty, Phoebe and Sam off to the rest of the garden, but offered some shelter from the elements, so they could still sit and enjoy the garden in all weathers. As it was also a south facing garden and this particular area was a very sunny spot, the added shelter was also important for Phoebe and Sam. The reinforced veranda roof protects from the rain while the built in blinds can be drawn during hot and sunny weather.

verandaTwo paths leads down from the veranda; one to the timber beach hut with comfy cosy outdoor seating, the perfect setting for entertaining family and friends, or a relaxing sanctuary, From here Kirsty can easily look out into the garden and watch over the twins wherever they are playing.

IMG_1091The other path leads into a maze with a giant tree fern at the center. The maze was kept at a low height and carefully designed so that Phoebe could enjoy it as Stickler Syndrome severely affects her eyesight. The sensory lights at the end of the maze lead perfectly into the fort where there are ‘washed up barrels’, a pirate-y palm tree and a telescope and built in slide for the children to play.

maze and fort

A quick gettaway on the slide leads Phoebe and Sam to their washed up boat beach sandpit, complete with seaside mural.

garden42Our Play Sand has been tested and certified to BS EN 1177 standard and has been through several cycles of pressure-washing to remove any residue, dangerous materials and to wash away any Iron Oxide. This ensures that the sand is as soft as possible, doesn’t stain clothes, hands or feet, is non-toxic and is always a sub rounded grain, making it easily treatable if a sand particle gets into an eye. Click here to view.

sandpit and muralWe always enjoy being part of the Love Your Garden transformation, it is always such a great cause to be involved with. We hope Kirsty, Phoebe and Sam enjoy their new garden and hope the twins have as much fun and adventure as possible exploring all their new outdoor play areas!



For more information on our Play Sand or any other of our products, please call 0330 058 5068.

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