Suffolk Owl Sanctuary & Nature Centre – Silver Fox Rescue Appeal

March 10, 2020
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The Suffolk Owl Sanctuary & Nature Centre has been working hard to rescue two captive-bred silver foxes from circumstances of ill-treatment, and bring them to a new life of safety and care under their roof.

Although the rescue and welfare of these beautiful silver foxes is hugely important, it came as an unexpected outlay for the small non-profit charity. Therefore, when they asked for help in sourcing materials to construct a new home for the foxes, we knew we had to help.

silver fox appeal

It was a pleasure to be able to donate Grey Slate 40mm and Play Bark to the sanctuary to help build new dens and enclosures for the foxes and give them the life of safety and care they deserve at the sanctuary.owl sanctuary grey slate 40mm and play bark

Due to overwhelming support and fast responses from volunteers and suppliers, the Silver Fox Rescue appeal raised a grand total of £1589 in just a couple of days! Work was able to start with immediate effect for this urgent rescue project. We cannot wait to see the finished project!

For further information on the products donated, or any of our products, please call our Sales Team on 0330 058 5068! For information on how you can get involved in the Silver Fox Rescue, contact The Suffolk Owl Sanctuary on 03456 807 897.

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