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November 22, 2019
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Houseplants to spread the Christmas cheer!

Christmas is the most exciting time to decorate your home with traditional decorations and ornaments such as Christmas tree’s, wreaths and garlands.

Why not introduce various houseplants that are traditionally associated with Christmas and December?

No matter which plant you opt for, once placed in a festive vase or container, it will look fantastic! What’s best? No other home décor will look the same!

Let’s take a look at some examples of Christmas houseplants that will transform your home this December!



A Poinsettia is well-known for its bright red and green foliage which are two colours associated with Christmas- hence why it is commonly used for decoration in December! Poinsettia’s have a beautiful shape and appear very welcoming and uplifting in your home.

Positioning the indoor plant is easy because they look fantastic in any location. You could simply place a few Poinsettia’s in a vase in the middle of your coffee table, or place them in your doorway to welcome guests into your home.

Alternatively, you can add brightness and colour to your stairway for example by placing Poinsettia’s along your garland or wreath! The red is guaranteed to stand-out next to the green foliage.

Christmas house plants blog poinsettia garland

The great thing about having Poinsettia’s as an indoor plant in your home, is the fact that they need a minimum temperature of around 18 degrees Celsius to colour up well!



Mistletoe is commonly known throughout many countries. It is widely associated with Christmas, particularly when hung up above doors etc.

Mistletoe is ‘Viscum album’ is the only species native to the British Isles! Other species are found in Spain and Morocco such as ‘Viscum Cruciatum’. It is an evergreen plant that has white berries and looks beautiful in the Winter!


amaryllis-1080459_960_720Amaryllis is an elegant winter-blooming house plant that looks stunning indoors at Christmas time. They are renowned for their unique trumpet-shaped flowers and are popular due to their ability to bloom indoors.

Looking to inject beautiful colours into your home this Winter? The Amaryllis plant is the perfect choice. They are well-suited for Christmas due to their exceptionally colourful blooms that lift the Christmas spirit!

Add Amaryllis plants into a bouquet with greenery and red roses for example to display a bright and cheerful mix of Christmas colours. The fantastic thing about creating your own Christmas bouquet is that you can include your favourites and make them as little or large as you wish!

Holly and Ivy



Holly and Ivy are both examples of a winter green and look traditional in Christmas decorations such as wreaths and garlands. Holly often has small red berries attached to the greenery which displays the contrast of dark green and bright red colours beautifully.

christmas house plants blog holly wreath

It is believed that Holly and Ivy have links to Christian beliefs. For example, the prickly leaves can represent the crown of Jesus which is why it is a common symbol of Christmas.

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