Get Creative With Conifers

November 18, 2016
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Get Creative With Conifers In Your Garden

Conifers are a fantastic way to add colour, sculpture and structure to your landscape all year round. As we approach Winter and you put your garden to rest for a few months you can rely on your conifers to add some life to your landscape. What’s more conifers will look beautiful 365 days of the year ensuring you regularly maintain them.

In the UK there are hundreds of different variations of conifers to choose from therefore there is bound to be something to suit all tastes. In this guide we offer some tips on different conifer variations as well as some planting advice.

Dwarf Conifers

Dwarf conifers are a variation of conifers that generally do not exceed 3 feet. They are exceptionally useful for small gardens where there is limited space to play with. They can also add a great dimension to a rock pool or surrounding a pond. Dwarf conifers can also be used as part of your garden border adding great structure to your landscape. Combine them with some decorative gravel like slate chippings and you will have yourself a stunning border that will liven up your garden. Dwarf conifers are supplied in a range of colours including green, yellow blue and various shades inbetween.

Types of Dwarf Conifers:

  • Norway Spruce
  • Bald Cyprees
  • Oriental Spruce
  • Mugo Pine
  • Picea Abies



Tall and Narrow

Tall and narrow conifers are extremely popular in home gardens. Offering an elegant and super stylish design these tall and narrow conifers are exceptionally versatile and can be used in a number of different ways. They look especially stunning when used to create a screen instead of using a solid brick wall. They can also be used in your borders if you have the space adding height and verticality to your landscape. These conifers are more of a sculpture and would require a little more maintenance to ensure they do not become unruly.  Due to their tall design the conifers also look extremely effective on their own positioned within your lawn.

Types of Tall and Narrow Conifers:

  • Taxus Bacatta
  • Juniperus Scopulorum
  • Thuja Plicata

tall and narrow conifers 2


Pyramid Shaped Conifers

Pyramid shaped conifers are a great alternative to the standard conifer shape. They can instantly revive any dull landscape and are ideal for creating a talking point in your garden. With their wide base and narrow top they can bring a new texture to your garden. Perfect for use in borders combined with other variations of conifers. As they have such a unique shape they would also look great featured on their own in your lawn. Pyramid conifers can also be used to draw attention away from other areas in your garden.

Types of Pyramid Conifers:

  • Picea Albertiana
  • Thymus Occidentalis


conifer pyramid

Spherical Conifers

Spherical conifers have a natural round sculptured look and are perfect for use in any garden. Due to their unique shape they look extremely effective grown either side of a gateway or flanking an entrance. These spherical conifers also look fantastic used in a mixed border combined with plants and other variations of conifers to add texture and interest. They are also perfect for adding liveliness to your landscape when other plants may be dormant.

Types of Spherical Conifers:

  • Chamaecyparis Pisifera
  • Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana
  • Thuja Occidentalis

spherical conifer 2

Conifers for Containers

Conifers look great either planted in the ground or featured in a container. Conifers in containers are ideal for both small and large landscapes. You may also wish to mulch the container with decorative gravel such as Cotswold chippings this will complement the colour of the conifer beautifully. The mulching will also help protect the conifers roots during cold, harsh weather. You can get as creative as you like with your pots and containers selecting different shapes and colours to highlight your landscape.

Types of Conifers for Containers:

  • Juniperus Compressa
  • Cryptomeria Japonica
  • Pinus Leucodermis


container conifers

Planting and Growing Tips

When it comes to planting your conifers follow these quick, simple steps. Once planted we have offered some useful aftercare advice to ensure your conifers remains healthy.

  • When planting the conifers in the ground it is always best to make the planting hole 1m wide by 40cm deep. You should also incorporate lots of organic matter such as compost.
  • Spread the roots of the conifer out this will help guide them. You should then fill the hole back up with a combination of garden soil and compost.
  • Ensure that it is only the roots that are below the soil, water your conifers well.
  • Keep the soil moist at all times especially during hot months where there soil is vulnerable to drying out.
  • You can feed your conifers towards the end of March/beginning of April to keep the growth healthy and to ensure the conifer retains its colour.
  • Trim the conifer regularly especially spherical and pyramid shaped conifers to ensure they retain their shape.

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