Brighten your garden area with Autumn Colours!

October 31, 2018
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Create a  colourful Autumn garden

Autumn months have arrived, meaning plenty of colourful leaves have appeared on surrounding trees; adding bright colours such as red, orange and brown. Around October time, many deciduous trees begin to show various shades of red, burnt orange and yellow- making the season of Autumn a keen favourite for most.

Autumn is often the season to bring the final glimpse of colour to trees and the outside area before the cold Winter weather arrives. The cold nights combined with sunny, bright days provides the perfect environment for the production of bright colours from green deciduous leaves.

coloured leaves

Options to add colour:

Add colourful gravel / slate chippings
Collect leaves
Add bright Halloween decorations (pumpkins)
Create an Autumn bouquet
Create an Autumn wreath

Gravel / Slate

Pix: Shaun Flannery/ COPYRIGHT PICTURE>>SHAUN FLANNERY>01302-570814>>07778315553>> 5th January 2018 Gravel Master - Suburban 40mm PlumbPlum Slate / Blue Slate / Green Slate / Grey Slate Chippings are all available here at Gravel Master in either 20mm or 40mm sized pieces Click here to see. All of these colours are perfect for adding in water features, around pots and planters or for decoration along a pathway. Coloured slate chippings are guaranteed to add elegance and character to your garden!

Pix: Shaun Flannery/ COPYRIGHT PICTURE>>SHAUN FLANNERY>01302-570814>>07778315553>> 5th January 2018 Gravel Master - Suburban Red FlameGranite Chippings 20mm are available in green or red colours. This is a very durable stone and is therefore useful on driveways and pathways. The burnt orange / red colour is perfect for creating a Halloween / Autumn feel in your garden. To view our full range, click here

Collect fallen leaves

fallen leafWhen walking through woodland areas, you are guaranteed to come across piles of fallen leaves on the floor. With permission you can collect colourful fallen leaves and either create pictures, use them in wreaths or simply spread them in an area of your garden.

Halloween decorations

pumpkinA Pumpkin is the typical Halloween decoration used as a lantern to create a spooky decoration. Due to the standard orange colour of a Pumpkin, it makes the perfect addition to any garden or home – it will be bright in the day time and pose as a glowing, burnt-orange lantern at night time. Please ensure that extra care is taken when using lighting equipment. 

Autumn bouquets

autumn bouquetAnother great way to clear up those fallen leaves is to create your very own personalised Autumn Bouquet. As previously mentioned, fallen leaves often offer colours such as red, yellow, brown and orange- so take your pick! In addition to colourful leaves and plants of your choice, add red, black or blueberries to create a dramatic look. During your Autumn walks, you may come across wild grasses- these are ideal for including in your bouquet to give a wild, natural look!

Autumn Wreath


Using twine and floral wire, you can create a circular base for your wreath. Once you have simply tied multiple pieces of twine together to create your basic structure, the fun will begin. You can select whichever objects or leaves that you wish to place on your wreath. To attach your chosen objects, use either a hot gun or floral wire where suitable. Please ensure that extra care is taken, and that all children are supervised by an adult when using sharp, hot or potentially harmful objects.

Some options may include:

A variety of plastic pumpkins / Halloween decorations,

Fallen leaves,

Your favourite plant / flower,

Wild grass,



Adding any of the above ideas to your garden this Autumn will most definitely brighten it up. The addition of Autumn colours like orange, red and brown will add warmth and character to any landscape throughout Autumn months and the Halloween holiday.

Should you need any help or advice, contact us on 0330 058 5068 8am-6pm. We love receiving customer photographs, if you have any of the finished look, send us a photo to and we will feature it on our social media pages.

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