Father’s Day Gardening

June 4, 2019
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Celebrate 16/06/19 outdoors!

Father’s Day is just around the corner which means celebrations are too! Why not surprise your family by creating a brand new outdoor space? The weather is surely improving throughout June; perfect for celebrating the 16th outdoors!


Creating a decorative border:

A garden border is the perfect way to separate different features within your outdoor space. You can create a colourful, shaped border from either foliage, chippings, pebbles, slate or mulch- the choice is yours!

  • Foliage: Create a beautiful layered look by introducing a variety of flowers and shrubs. Each colour and texture will stand out and create a real wow-factor! Try Gravel Master’s top-quality ProBlend Beds & Borders Soil which is ideal for flower beds and borders. Foliage will not only give a vibrant, colourful look to your garden but also create that elegant summer look!flower beds and borders
  • Fruit / Veg: Our ProBlend Vegetable & Fruit Soil is a specialist blend of nutrients and organic matter to boost growth. Line your pathways with healthy, delicious fruit and vegetables. Nothing is more rewarding than eating self-grown juicy vegetables through the summer months. Choose from a selection of Carrots, Cucumbers, Beetroot or Broccoli and begin your planting today!vegetables
  • Mulch: Ornamental Bark Mulch will give a natural ‘outdoors’, woodland effect to your garden. Placed around the edges of your lawn, this product will not only enhance the greenery but also act as a barrier for frost, improve soil fertility and also suppress weeds; maintaining a tidy appearance throughout the summer! Mulch will give a decorative appearance whilst adding an element of practicality to your garden area also.Pix: Shaun Flannery/shaunflanneryphotography.com COPYRIGHT PICTURE>>SHAUN FLANNERY>01302-570814>>07778315553>> 16th January 2019 Gravelmaster - Suburban Ornamental Bark
  • Chippings: Whether it be Slate chippings or Gravel chippings, adding them to your garden borders is a fantastic way to decorate the outdoors. The amazing thing about our selection of chippings is that you can choose from a wide range of colours and sizes to complement any garden feature. Please be sure to check each description to ensure that they are safe for the use in water features. Select a bright colour, a natural colour, or a darker colour to reflect your personality!Pix: Shaun Flannery/shaunflanneryphotography.com COPYRIGHT PICTURE>>SHAUN FLANNERY>01302-570814>>07778315553>> 17th January 2019 Gravelmaster - Suburban Ice Blue 20mm
  • Pebbles: Pebbles are well-rounded and have mainly smooth surfaces. The great thing about pebbles is that you can use these either alone, or in large groups to give a stylish look to any area. At Gravel Master we have an impressive range of Scottish pebbles which are a mix of Browns, Creams, Pinks and Greys. Likewise, we have a diverse range of polished pebbles which provide your home with a superior finish and look fantastic alongside similar coloured chippings.20-50FLAMPL

Lawn establishment:

Everyone knows that the key to recognition is DIY work! Why not give your dad the perfect gift by creating a new, fresh green lawn area? At Gravel Master we sell a wide range of gardening products which are specially selected for the growth and establishment of a healthy lawn.TT31

Our high quality fresh turf will give the appearance of a gorgeous new lawn- perfect for family activities and receiving a lot of traffic whilst the children play. The Pro Hard-wearing Turf is fast rooting, meaning that your garden will knit together to provide a lovely looking garden in a short amount of time. If you wish to begin from scratch, our ProBlend Turfing Soil is blended specially for turfing and seeding. The process is easy! Simply spread our turfing soil over your garden area evenly and spread our Hard-wearing Lawn Grass Seed with Ryegrass over the area. The important thing to remember is to water your lawn regularly to keep the soil moist and allow the lawn to grow. The sunny weather and mix of showers also provides an ideal environment for lawn establishment.

For further information on any of our useful products please visit our website on www.gravelmaster.co.uk or contact a member of our sales team on 0330 058 50 68 who would be happy to help!

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