Natural Pest Control

August 12, 2019
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Pest Control in your garden

Now that it’s Summer, the warm weather and outdoor picnics make your garden area extremely appealing to insect pests. Although they might not be causing any trouble to you and your guests, it’s likely that your crops and plants are becoming infested and damaged. Hopefully, by the end of this short blog you will have a few ideas on how to prevent damage caused by insects in the most natural, environmentally friendly way; after all, ‘Green gardening’ is our top priority and should be yours too.

Crop Rotation

  • Some pests are often crop-specific, meaning that they will continue to attack specific plant families repeatedly. In an attempt to control this and reduce the number of pests in a particular area at once, it is advised that you rotate your crops between sites. In doing so, the crops will grow in beds that are not infested with pests.

Introduce Mulch

  • Mulch is easy to create, either use bark mulch or create your own mulch using leaves and grass clippings. By adding a layer of mulch to surround plants, it will help to suppress the growth of weeds and encourage the production of healthy soil, which will of course boost crop growth. Nonetheless, healthy soil is the key to a healthy garden, so as well as adding mulch to your outdoor space, add compost. Compost will add necessary nutrients to your soil whilst slowly introducing organic matter.

Keep soil disruption to a minimum

  • Try to avoid digging in soil and routinely turning it as this can introduce pests into the soil and harm soil microbes.

Hand picking

  • If you can visibly see insects that are drawn to a particular crop, try hand picking and removing them. This can prove to be an effective way of removing pests from your crops, however it is important to ensure that you do not cause harm to the insect. Simply move the insect from an area of infestation to a different location within the garden or outdoor space.



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