Prepare for the bad weather

November 18, 2019
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Prepare for the ice and snow


It’s easy to ignore the weather warnings in December when heavy snow is forecast. Snow encourages laughter and fun, and for most, is the first sign of Christmas! But after the sledging and snowball fights, the fluffy snow becomes hard, frozen ice and can be hazardous for pedestrians and vehicles.

You can take simple precautions to increase the safety around your property during harsh weather conditions.

Snow Shovel

snow shovelIf snowfall is thick and heavy, it is likely to settle on the ground and block driveways, pathways and roads.

You’ll feel much better knowing that you have a Snow Shovel stored in your shed or car boot. The great thing about our Easy Store Snow Shovel, is that it’s collapsible and lightweight! Simply use the Snow Shovel to remove the snow from around your property; making it easy to walk on and much safer.

With an Easy Store Snow Shovel. worrying about being snowed-in is all in the past! Call us today for your free quote!


Rock Salt

winding sidewalk after snow with snow removedRock Salt is perfect for thawing snow and ice. It’s also really simple to use, all you need to do is spread a generous layer over the surface of your road or path.


At Gravelmaster we have an impressive selection of Rock Salt products to choose from, each available in Bulk Bags and Sealed Bags. For example, why not use our brown rock salt on your driveway? The darker colour makes it visible so that you can see where you have spread the salt. Alternatively, try our white rock salt. It leaves a clean surface with little residue and is perfect for the use on public pathways! Check out our range today and call us if you have any questions or need any advice.

Grit Bin

 PGBINWhether you purchase the Standard Grit Bin or the Premium Lockable Grit Bin, you will not be disappointed! At Gravelmaster we understand the importance of safety during the winter. Pathways can become icy and slippery; making it dangerous for walking pedestrians and vehicles on the road. This is why we have introduced a Grit Bin to our Winter Fuel and Salt category.

WSALT1Store your sealed bags of rock salt in the grit bin so that you have a safe and secure location to easily access. Alternatively, you can empty the large quantity of loose rock salt that is inside your bulk bags into the grit bin. The great thing about grit bins is that you can place them in a more public place for you and your neighbours to share to ensure maximum safety during the bad weather.

 All of the products listed are available to purchase on our website Gravel Master or you can call a member of our friendly sales team on 0330 058 50 68 for your free quote.

Should you have any questions regarding delivery, please feel free to email our customer services team at, or send any sales enquiries to and a member of our team will reply at the earliest convenience.

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