Summer Hanging Baskets

July 16, 2018
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July is the perfect time to add some brightness to your garden by planting summer hanging baskets. The great thing about creating your own hanging baskets, is being able to personalise them and add a variety of plants to suit your personal-preference.

Plant selection

For those of you who know the exact array of colours to include in your hanging baskets, selecting plants and flowers can be simple.


If you require some guidance, we would recommend including plants such as: Fuchsia’s, Petunia’s, Salvia’s or Argyranthemum’s to create the perfect summer hanging basket.

The variety of plants will create a diverse range of colour, likewise, including just one plant-type in your basket will give an elegant look to your home.

Plant arrangement


  • Select a central plant – the eye-catching plant to not only create impact, but most importantly, give structure.
  • Align trailing plants around the sides of the basket for decoration.
  • Arrange the colours as you wish- selecting complementary colours.



  •  Line your wired basket, ideally with moss collected from your garden- this will protect plants from frost and provide a barrier to lay compost.
  • Fill your basket with compost, suitable for the selection of plants that you have chosen. Please see our Pro Blend Multi-Purpose Soil or our Pro Blend Beds and Borders Topsoil– both of which are suitable for a variety of plants and uses.
  • Insert your plants.
  • Carefully fill around the roots with more compost and gently firm.
  • Water the hanging baskets generously, but ensure that you keep the compost moist, not the foliage or flowers.

Artificial Hanging Baskets


For some, selecting the perfect plants and general maintenance for hanging baskets can be rather daunting and time-consuming. After all, when winter arrives most hanging baskets might look drab and dreary- so why not save yourself the hassle and hard work?

Artificial hanging baskets are the perfect addition to any gardening project and home to brighten up the outdoors and give a cheerful atmosphere all-year-round! They are specially designed to withstand weather conditions- whether it’s too hot or too cold! You don’t have to worry about the soil becoming saturated in water or too dry. You don’t have to worry about the petals of flowers dying. It’s quick. simple and guaranteed to look aesthetically pleasing.

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