How To Lay A Gravel Driveway

Gravel driveways are becoming extremely popular in the UK and are a great alternative to slabs or block paves. Gravel driveways allow you to get creative and can create a wonderful feature at the front of your home.

You may think that laying a new gravel driveway is a daunting tasks when actually if you have the correct equipment and tools in can be a fairly simple tasks. There is always the option of hiring an expert however this guide offers some handy tips on how to lay your driveway as well as making sure you have the correct materials.

Gravel driveways are ideal as they significantly reduce the risk of flooding unlike standard block paved or slab driveways. The water is able to filter through your gravel and into the ground therefore creating a clear surface that is safe to use all year round.

Choosing Your Gravel:

The first thing you will need to do when laying your gravel driveway is to measure the area and select your gravel and then calculate how much you will need. 

We have selected our 4 top pick gravels to use on your driveway.

Cotswold Chippings:

Cotswold chippings are a wonderful cream/buff colour. They are extremely popular due to their angled shape and will blend seamlessly with your current landscape.

Golden Gravel:

Golden Gravel is a stunning gravel that combines, creams, golds and yellows. This gravel will offer a modern stylish look to your drive.

Moonstone Gravel:

Moonstone Gravel is a hardwearing gravel making it ideal for use on driveways. The gravel consists of a mixture of colours and can really help brighten up your landscape.

Flamingo Gravel:

Flamingo Gravel is another colourful gravel made up of pink white and grey. Flamingo Gravel can help revive any dull look drive and create a welcoming feel to your home.

Above is one of our customer photos using 20mm Moonstone Gravel to create a bright, colourful driveway.

As a general rule of thumb 1 bulk Bag of gravel will cover approximately 12m squared at a depth of around 40mm. Check out our gravel calculator which will easily calculate the amount of gravel you will require. When it comes to selecting your gravel we recommend that you use a 20mm sized gravel as this is easy to walk on, stand the weight of car tyres and will not scatter about. A 10mm gravel may get stuck in tyre treads and any aggregate larger than 20mm will be difficult to walk on.

Laying The Driveway:

1. Prepare the ground you are going to create your gravel driveway. This may require removing any turf or slabs.

 If you have an uneven surface you will require a layer of crusher run this will allow you to raise the surface and offers a good base for your driveway.

Pack the base of the driveway, you can do this by hiring a roll and ensuring the crusher run becomes compact.

Lay down a fabric weed control membrane across the entire surface. This will prevent weeds from rearing their heads and spoiling the look of your driveway. If you choose to you can edge the weed membrane with bricks however this is not necessary as the gravel will weigh the weed control membrane down. At Gravelmaster we supply weed control membrane in a range of sizes as well as pegs to secure the membrane in place.

Place your order for your chosen gravel. If you opt for the gravel to be delivered all in one place, make sure you place the pile in an area that will do minimal damage to your lawn. 

Begin to spread the gravel across your driveway at a depth of around 40 – 50mm.


Top Tip:

· When laying your gravel driveway opt for a gravel paving grid. Gravel paving grids provide a stable base for your gravel and reduce the risk of slipping. The gravel paving grids are simple and easy to use, simply lay the gravel grids down on your surface and join them together. You should then fill the grids with your chosen gravel. At Gravelmaster we supply Hexapath Gravel Paving Grids.


We hope this guide has offered you some help and advice on how to lay your own gravel driveway. At Gravelmaster we love customer photographs, if you would like to send us a photo of your gravel driveway please send all images to and we will share your photo on our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page.