Looks lovely when either wet or dry!
14 May 2024

I needed something which would make my garden look tidy and stylish- what a fantastic choice the blue slate is! It has really brightened up my outdoor space.
14 May 2024

I ordered a sample to see the product before I ordered a larger amount. Really happy with how the delivery went and the quality of the product.
12 May 2024

I was debating choosing between the 20mm and the 40mm slate chippings. After speaking to the sales team about what I wanted to use it for, they advised me to go with the larger size. Fantastic customer service and top-quality products.
11 May 2024

Received the blue slate in the bulk bags. The product looked quite light at first however, once I washed the pieces they look just like the images.
11 May 2024

Blue Slate Chippings 40mm

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Blue Slate Chippings are a popular colour and size in our slate range - Truly stunning and will definitely create a bold look. 40mm Blue Slate Chippings have a variety of uses including mulching borders, driveways, and landscaping and are ideal for filling in between patio slabs. The flat angular shape of the slate gives a stylish modern look.

Blue Slate Chippings 40mm

Bag Size: Approx 850Kg Bulk Bags and 20kg sealed bags
Size: 40mm
Uses: Landscaping, Aquatics, Ponds, Water Features and Mulch
Colour: Blue
Shape: Flat Angular
Specification: BS EN 1260

Blue Slate Chippings 40mm Colour and Shape

The 40mm Blue Slate is a naturally quarried product which may result in slight variations in formation, size, colour or shape including a natural white/brown vein. The Blue Slate has a real contemporary look which can add an elegant look to your garden.

Availability on Blue Slate Chippings

We can usually accommodate a next day delivery service if the product is ordered before 12pm for an additional cost. The delivery is also subject to weather conditions and stock levels. All supplied in Bulk Bags (850KG) or Sealed bags (20KG).

Loose Load Deliveries

For a competitive loose load delivery price (bulk deliveries) for large areas please contact our sales team on 03300585068.

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