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Carlton Boyce

Great service and super-fast delivery by the most helpful lorry driver!
07 April 2024

I am pleased that the brown rock salt is available in sealed bags. It was easy to move from the kerbside and I have stored some away for the winter!
07 April 2024

Perfect for placing in grit bins!
07 April 2024

Does the job perfectly! I have stocked up on the brown rock salt ready for the winter.
07 April 2024

Looks the same as the website images. Really happy with the product.
06 April 2024

andrew harte

Delivered on time
06 April 2024

Brown Rock Salt

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Our brown Rock Salt is ideal for quickly thawing ice and snow when the weather conditions are hazardous. You can use this 100% brown Rock Salt on driveways and paths and it is ideal for domestic or commercial use. It is easy to apply and can visually be seen on surfaces, making them safer for pedestrians to use. Another key point to mention is the fact that our brown Rock Salt is sourced in the UK and is of the same standard used by the local council for all UK roads.

Brown Rock Salt

Bag Size: 850kg Jumbo Bulk Bags and 20kg Pre-Packed Bags
Uses Gritting Car Parks, Driveways and Paths
Colour: Pink/Brown Rock Salt

Availability on Brown Rock Salt

We can usually accommodate a next day delivery service if the product is ordered before 12pm for an additional cost. The delivery is also subject to weather conditions and stock levels.

Loose Load Deliveries

For a competitive loose load delivery price (bulk deliveries) for large areas please contact our sales team on 03300585068.

About Brown Rock Salt

Brown rock salt is a de-icing product that is able to be spread over a range of different surfaces. The rock salt contains an additive of anti-caking agent, however, that is the only additive in the Brown Rock Salt. This is added to the salt to ensure if doesn't clump together.

All of our brown rock salt is mined and sourced in the UK and is of the same standard used by the local council for all UK roads.

Brown rock salt is able to be seen much more clearly than white rock salt and it is therefore clear which surfaces are safe to walk on for pedestrians and the public.

All of our salt has a naturally long shelf life so if you decide to buy in bulk, you have peace of mind that you are able to keep the salt for a long time and use it when necessary.

Other Types Of Rock Salt

We also stock Mega Grip Rock Salt and White Rock Salt as alternatives to the Brown Rock Salt.

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