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White Rock Salt

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This Rock Salt is perfect for leaving a clean surface, whilst also making surfaces safe for pedestrians. Our White Rock Salt will quickly thaw ice and snow. The packaging makes it ideal for filling grit bins or for tipping along large surfaces. The white rock salt is easy to apply and can be spread manually or by using a mechanical spreader on paths, driveways and car parks.

White Rock Salt

Bag Size: 850kg Jumbo Bulk Bags and 20kg Pre-Packed Bags
Uses: Gritting Car Parks, Driveways and Paths
Colour: White

Availability on White Rock Salt

We can usually accommodate a next day delivery service if the product is ordered before 12pm for an additional cost. The delivery is also subject to weather conditions and stock levels. All of our white rock salt is supplied in Sample Bags, Sealed Bags and Bulk Bags.

Loose Load Deliveries

For a competitive loose load delivery price (bulk deliveries) for large areas please contact our sales team on 03300585068.

About White Rock Salt

White rock salt is a pure product where the only additive is an anti-caking agent that is added so the salt doesn't clump together in transit. White rock salt is created by evaporating seawater, leaving behind the natural white salt. This method of extracting White Rock Salt is an ancient method which was discovered many years ago and is still used in today's manufacturing.

White rock salt leaves less visible residue behind once the snow and ice have melted away, making it the best option for customers where the kerb appeal of their property and ground is a major priority.

Get your order in early to make sure you're prepared for the colder conditions.

Why Is Rock Salt Important

We can all admit that we have slipped or tripped during the winter months, whether it be on snow or ice. Luckily these injuries tend to be only minor bumps or bruises. However, during winter there is an increased risk of slipping and tripping which could lead to more serious injuries.

Small children and elderly people are the most vulnerable to slips and the consequences for these people can sometimes be more serious. It is not only public footpaths where people are vulnerable to falls, slips can happen on your own driveway and garden paths. Employers and schools also have a duty of care to ensure that pathways are safe for individuals to walk on, especially when slips on ice are the third most common cause of falls in the workplace.

The only way to protect yourself this winter is to be readily prepared with stores of rock salt.

Other Types Of Rock Salt

We also stock Mega Grip Rock Salt and Brown Rock Salt as alternatives to the White Rock Salt.


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