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Dove Grey Pebbles

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£249/Bulk Bag

Product Specification
Product: Dove Grey Pebbles
Size: 8-14mm
Packaging: 850kg Bulk Bags
Internal Design, Gabion Stone, Aquatics, Ornamental Decorative
Shape: Rounded

Description and Application
These charming dove grey pebbles will create an understated look in your garden design. The grey finish will subtly enhance your landscape without overpowering it. These elegant pebbles are exceptionally versatile and are ideal for use in water features, aquatics and internal landscaping projects. The dove grey pebbles are also an ideal mulching solution for plant pots and containers. They can help retain moisture in the soil and protect the plants during Winter. The pebbles are also ideal for supressing weeds, therefore ensuring your garden remains neat and tidy. The pebbles will help brighten up your landscape and add structure to your garden. The pebbles are very durable and will last you for many years.

Dove Grey Pebbles Colour and Shape
These beautiful dove grey pebbles are a naturally quarried product which may result in slight variations in formation, size, colour or shape. The pebbles offer a wonderful grey finish. The pebbles are naturally rounded and have been tumbled to provide a smooth appearance. 

Other Sizes and Uses
We also supply oyster pebbles these will offer a stylish feel to your garden. Ideal for any interiors or exterior landscaping project. 

Availability on Dove Grey Pebbles
We can usually accommodate a next day delivery service if the product is ordered before 1pm for an additional cost. Normal delivery is 2-3 working days from when the order is placed. The delivery is also subject to weather conditions and stock levels. All of our dove grey pebbles are supplied in 850kg Bulk Bags. We also offer a sample size bag allowing you to get a feel for the product and its quality before making a purchase.

Loose Load Deliveries
For a competitive bulk delivery price (Loose load delivery) for a large area or commercial use please contact our sales team on 0800 907 85 90.

MRS P A ROWE - 16-Apr-2014

Apart from two bags splitting open and making a very good mix together I was very pleased. Managed to sort them out and it is good idea to see what you get before making possibly a big mistake in a prominent area of the garden. Plus none are wasted as they just go in the mix anyway.

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