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Rite-Edge Aluminium Lawn Edging

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Designed by landscape architects, this product is increasing specified in professional landscaping designs and projects. RITE-EDGE gives any garden a pristine neat appearance and can be used for straight lines, curves and elaborate designs and shapes. 

Held securely in place with barbed fixing stakes, RITE-EDGE is manufactured from an Aircraft Grade Aluminium Alloy designed to last at least 27 years, so no painting, staining, rusting or replacing to worry about. RITE-EDGE, being light and easy to handle, comes in long lengths and has a unique, telescopic design to make installation very neat, quick and easy. The profile of RITE-EDGE features a smooth round top edge, so no sharp edges to cut you or damage the lawn mower blades, and a castellated body which gives maximum strength for heavy lawn mowers and prevents lifting by frost.

Will never rust, rot or need repainting
Flexible & light weight
Fast & Easy to install
No maintenance required
Saves hours on future edging
Many border options
Creates beautiful Lawns, flowerbeds & pathways
Mower Proof
Keeps your garden at its best

Dimensions: 3mm x 102mm x 2.44m

Pack Size: 14 x 2.44m (34.16m) including 28 stakes

Available in: Natural, Brown, Green & Black


1. Dig a small trench around 5cm wide and 10cm deep in the exact position you require your new edge.
2. Now form the RITE-EDGE to the shape and design you require including the 5cm overlap joints. This can now be placed into the trench you formed for the edge.
3. Check the exact height for the top of the RITE-EDGE which should be just above the ground level but beneath the required cut grass level.
4. If you are now happy with the shape and the height, add the fixing stakes and drive fully home.
5 A simple back filling on the sides of the RITE-EDGE completes your RITE-EDGE installation.




Mary Ann Le May - 16-Nov-2015

Arrived very quickly.

Dr Helen Davies - 23-Jun-2013

Good quality edging, easy to install, easy to bend to a curve or right-angle.

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