Play Sand Play Sand
Children's soft play sand
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ProBlend Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil ProBlend Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil
ProBlend Fruit & Vegetable Topsoil
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Black Basalt 20mm Black Basalt 20mm
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Yorkshire Cream 20mm Yorkshire Cream 20mm
Stunning, natural pieces cream flint gravel. Huge Savings! Was 94.50 Now £79.00!
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Play Bark Play Bark
Super Deals on certified play bark
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Rooftop Soil

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£219 / 1.5m3 Bag

ProBlend Rooftop soil is a specially formulated blend of LECA (lightweight expanded clay aggregate) and soil. Our Rooftop soil is recommend for use in all rooftop projects and also in raised vegetable planting areas.

Creating a rooftop garden is a great way to introduce your family to the joys of gardening and also being able to produce your own fruit and vegetables is very rewarding.

By using LECA to a soil mix it will not compress, degrade, decompose, or react with agricultural or horticultural chemicals. It retains a high percentage of its weight in water and waterborne nutrients, making it an excellent buffer.


Lightweight and easy to handle
Porous and absorbs water
Chemically neutral (inert) with a pH of 7
pH adjustable
Frost resistant
Resistant to chemical attack
Resistant to insect, rot and fungus attack
Effectively smothers weeds
Provides optimum drainage
Improved soil aeration
Increased slope stability
Adds good ground insulating properties
Improves the appearance of poor soil
Economical and readily availablePeat Free
Easy to barrow

Supplied in a 1.5m3 Bulk Bag

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